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Our Approach


The name Helen,
Helen literally grew up inside a jewelry store in Ongpin. Her family had a jewelry shop that was first established by her grandfather 65+ years ago. She grew up admiring, and customizing her own jewelries for herself and was taught the tricks of the trade since she was young. After working with her family's jewelry shop for so long, she finally decided to Open her own unique Jewelry Shop in Ongpin.
  • Wedding Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Fine Jewelries
  • Gold
These are some of the unique and specialized items Helen sells in her jewelry shop. She is well-versed with the art of checking Jewelries and designing jewelries.
So be sure to check out Helen Jewelry Shop in Ongpin if ever you visit the streets of Chinatown.

Our Story

Our Team

Helen and her team of jewelry consultants will do their best to serve you and give you their expert advise on how to pick the best jewelry/wedding rings/engagement ring for you or your loved ones. Rest assured we will do our best to make you at home and comfortable in our jewelry shop in Ongpin.
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